Thursday, 12 September 2013

NappyKind Baby Leggings, An Honest Review.

If there is anything I hate more its that 'What To Wear' rush in the morning.  I need a personal stylist to dress me, whisper reassuring compliments in my ear and be ready at a moments notice with an industrial baby wipe to rid me of boke/bogey/unidentifiable stains.  Failing that, people need to be ok with me going to work in my pyjamas.

When choosing my outfit my number one concern is comfort.  When I flick through my disastrous  wardrobe I think about what I will be doing that day.  Cleaning the house, doing the food shop, all with baby Joel on my hip - stretch jeans, comfy boots and forgiving jumper.

I often think about baby Joel and what he would choose to wear if he could stand tall on his wee feet and flick through his wardrobe.  I'm pretty sure he would not choose the super cute but super annoying fancy trousers and braces I sometimes dress him up in (note to self; remember Joel is not a doll).  He would think about what his plans were for the day; eat, poop, roll around the floor exploring my different toys, perfect my skills at flipping from back to front and vice versa, get on my hands and knees and go backwards, try and crack this crawling malarky! What a busy physical day.  I'm pretty sure Joel would be going for comfort, I'm pretty sure he would go for baby leggings!

I first discovered baby leggings in Matalan, but to be honest they were fashion leggings...for baby girls. But I chose them in a boyish shade of blue as I just thought they looked so comfortable for Joel as he was at that learning the skills to crawl stage.

I first discovered NappyKind on Twitter.  I happened to click in their link and browse their website. They sell a selection of baby clothing including socks, leg warmers, rompers, hats and more.  I love they halloween leg warmers they are selling at the minute but most of all I was drawn the the baby leggings.  There is a great selection of unisex leggings and leggings for boys in super cute designs.  I couldn't decide which ones to order, so I ordered four pairs.  I was excited for the package to arrive and I wasn't disappointed.  With super quick delivery only 2 days later I didn't have to wait long.  The designs were even cuter in the flesh!

Joel seemed pretty chuffed with them too...

 At just 8 months old Joel is a big boy for his age.  I went for the 12- 24 months size and as you can see they are a pretty good fit - but still with plenty of room to grow and plenty of nappy room.  With the soft elastic waist and the stretch fabric Joel seemed very comfortable and went about his normal exploring business.  Still no crawling, the leggings may be cute, but they are not magic.

The material, although soft and stretchy is quite heavy.  I would not suggest it is suitable for summer.  The material is not breathable and my mummy friend Tracey reported that her 10month old boy's legs became quite clammy on a warm day.  Joel has sensitive skin and so I would not choose to dress him in this material in warm weather.  However for those days with a but of nip in the air the leggings are lovely and cosy without being bulky and preventing easy movement for my little explorer.

Tracey reported that her leggings became plucked quickly.  I also experienced this with one pair of leggings out of my batch.  In fact a hole appeared.

Perhaps this isn't surprising considering the wear they are getting with out two active baby boys who are both on their knees trying to learn how to crawl and spending alot of their day stretching and rolling on the floor.   Even so, I would expect longer wear out of baby clothes and so I contacted NappyKind directly.  I have to give a big thumbs up to their customer service as my plucked leggings were replaced within days!

Taadaa!! Lovely shiny new leggings!

Having had a disaster of a broken washing machine (AGH!!) this month, the leggings have been sitting in the washing pile.  To be honest I wasn't confident about how they would wash up after the plucking incident.  We got our new washing machine on saturday, the leggings went in the first wash.  I thought I had chosen a 'Quick Daily Wash' but apparently me and my new machine have communication issues as 3 hours later I was still standing perplexed by the machine.  The leggings washed up great, and if they could survive that extreme super long wash, well they can survive anything!!

When discussing it with Tracey she thought wasn't sure if she would choose to buy baby leggings over comfy tracksuit trousers for her baby boy.  Me?  I'm a sucker for the unique cute design.  I found that Joel seemed comfortable in his busy work rolling and exploring.  I am happy with the general quality, how they wash up and impressed by the excellent customer service after the plucking incident.

It should be noted that I received considerable discount in exchange for blogging about the product but truth be told, I would return to NappyKind and buy the leggings again....and maybe one of those gorgeous animal romper suits...

Check it out

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